Bissell Cleanview 1831 Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Captures most Surface Debris with Powerful Suction!

Bissell Cleanview 1831 Review 2023

Everyone loves to sit and sleep at a very tidy place. Even after an outing, people crave to be at their homes as home sweet home. One can be very comfortable at their own homes but certain thoughts do frustrate like cleaning home. Cleaning home consumes our time but it is very important. One cannot be at a dirty place where there is dirt, dust. Allergic people are prone to health issues. They can’t encounter dust. It is very necessary to be away from dirt. But it has become too difficult to look after our profession, job and home, everything.

Therefore, Bissel, a very renowned brand has come up with a vacuum cleaner that won’t take much of your time and yet clean your home like a 5 star restaurant room. Bissel Cleanview is a bagless vacuum cleaner that is orange in color. One can vacuum and wash floor simultaneously with Bissel. Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Orange, 1831 can clean home such that the surface looks shiny and sophisticated. It is user friendly and is cost effective. Asthma patients and the ones suffering from breathing disorders have a solution as this tool. It will relieve them from the issues of dirt, dust or allergens.

Bissell Cleanview Upright Vacuum saves our time to do household chores. People having their business can also buy for their shops, outlets, salons, hotel, etc. it is one time investment. Instead of paying money to the helpers or cleaners, wait for them to come, one can invest in buying Best Bissell Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Get a good quality, easy to use machine that can keep your surface clean all the time. Check the features, pros, cons, in this Bissell Cleanview 1831 Review and decide is it suitable for you or not.


  • Cleans everything
  • Multi- level filtration mechanism
  • Multi- cyclonic cleaning system
  • Carry it anywhere
  • One pass technology
  • Innovative brush design
  • Attached dirt bin
  • Hard- to- reach cleaner
  • Post cleaning fragrant
  • Tools available

1. Cleans everything

Bissell Cleanview Bagless Upright Vacuum is used to clean the surface at its fullest. The surface includes bare floors, stairs, upholstery, low pile carpet, sealed hard floors, carpet, etc. Clean your home very easily such that it looks very sophisticated and luxurious. The surface will shine as it is newly made. Take care of home in a very different way that saves your time and gives you the best results.

2. Multi- level filtration mechanism

Due to the pressure created, the dirt, dust, even microbial irritants are trapped by this ideal vacuum cleaner. Because of suction, the filter bag of suction carries all the agents like dirt, dust, mist, etc. and traps them. These are then pushed ahead and then to the dirt bin. This multi – level filtration mechanism keeps up the standard of this product by helping the users in keeping their rooms clean. Multi level filtration has a washable filter that assists in trapping dust, dirt and particles.

3. Multi- cyclonic cleaning system

Due to Multi- cyclonic cleaning system, usage of energy is less than the standard vacuum cleaners. The air within the dirt container or canister curls like a cyclone. The air flow is optimized, providing best suction power. Because of this, even the finest dirt is trapped. Not even a single dust or dirt is left out because of powerful, multi- cyclonic suction system.

4. Carry it anywhere

Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Orange, 1831 is very easy to carry anywhere. It is very light in weight. It can clean up any surface or even bed or carpet. As it is not heavy, anyone can use it and carry at a distance too. While using, it is smooth and not painful. Therefore, it is comfortable for the user to carry, take it wherever he wants and push without the drainage of power.

5. One pass technology

Your surface will not only be cleaned but also so far away from even microscopic irritants. No need of housekeeping as this could be done by yourself in very less time and the cleaning is done up to the mark. This best Bagless Upright Vacuum works on the principle of one pass technology. This technology is very useful as it offers powerful suction.

6. Innovative brush design

Why is the cleaning done so fast and at its best? It is all because of implication of innovative brush design that has set the highest standard of cleaning. This is because the complete dirt goes in the trash because of filter performance that captures complete dirt.

7. Attached dirt bin

Have you ever seen the cleaning machine with the trash bin attached? Yes, this Bissell Bagless Upright Vacuum has a dirt bin which is quite big and can take good capacity dirt. The dust bin can empty the dirt and mess the debris quickly and easily.

8. Hard- to- reach cleaner

Clean at a distance and let the cleaning reach farther. This tool has extended cleaning reach with a 25 feet. power cord, 6 feet. hose and extension wand. The major problem that people face is cleaning at places where it is difficult to reach. This machine is sleek and has tools that help in cleaning at the impossible corners.

9. Post cleaning fragrant

Do you spray air freshener after cleaning home as the odor remains? No need to do that now as this tool takes care of post cleaning by eliminating odor and bringing fragrance. Thus, Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has post cleaning fragrance property.

10. Tools available

One can attach turbo brush tool. This tool is used to clean carpets, beds mostly. Dusting brush is also too helpful as it even removes minute dust from the corners of home too. Crevice tool can clean gaps, be they small, narrow or large gaps, this tool cleans appropriately. Extension wand is like a rod that can clean at a height.



  • Manufacturer : BISSELL HomeCare, Inc.
  • Product Model Number : 1831
  • Color : Orange
  • Product Dimensions : 13.2 x 13.5 x 44 inches
  • Product Weight : 15.4 pounds
  • Warranty Description : Limited 2 years.



15.4 pounds is the weight of Bissell 1831 Cleanview Upright weight.


You can buy Bissell Cleanview 1831 Upright Vacuum Cleaner at online sites like Amazon.


To clean Bissell Cleanview 1831 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

1. Empty the dirt bin
2. Wipe the dirt bin with a damp cloth or u can use mild detergent with warm water to clean it
3. Take out the filter and wipe the filter with a damp cloth thoroughly
4. Make sure they are dry before replacing
5. Air dry them don’t use blow dryer


Bissell vacuum cleaner has a simple bottom emptying method for a mess-free emptying. First unplug the Vacuum Cleaner. Press the empty button and pull the handle and lift the dirt bin. Then empty the dirt and debris into the trash bin. Put the bottom back on and replace the dirt bin.


Yes, Bissell Cleanview 1831 Upright Vacuum Cleaner can be used on hardwood floors.


The Bissell Cleanview 1831 Upright Vacuum Cleaner has 8 amps.


No, Bissell Cleanview 1831 Upright Vacuum Cleaner doesn’t have an auto rewind for a power cord.


Cleaning has taken its evolution as the tools are designed to give the best standards of living. It is said to be cleanview as it cleans the surfaces completely such that it looks shiny and sober. It has 5 surface height adjustments. You don’t have to clean the floor multiple times. Just one move by this tool and all the dirt, debris is taken up. One can get rid of allergens. Clean under or about your furniture, it cleans all the hard-to-reach areas. The cleaning contribution is done by different tools like crevice tool, dusting brush, turbo brush. It is very powerful as it works with the power of 8 Amps motor. Bissel is an evolved vacuum cleaner with all the required tools which are used for different functions.

Therefore, it is multi functional. It is great for the price and is easy to assemble with clear instructions. It does the complete process of cleaning, from trapping the dirt to collection and then throwing. It traps the dog hair as well. Vacuuming has become too convenient. It is bag less making beneficial for us dust doesn’t litter as there is no need to remove dust bags. The cleaner moves from one side to other that makes it easy to get in every nook and corner or gaps. It is easy to remove and reinstall filter. The collection of dirt is visible and feels great to see it did collect this much of dirt. It is noiseless cleaner.

Bissell 1831 Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner image

Bissell Cleanview Upright Vacuum for Sale: It has an extended cleaning reach with a 25 foot power cord, six foot hose, and 13.5 inch cleaning path. Assembly is very easy and tight enough to not cause inconvenience while cleaning. It offers warranty of 2 years. No batteries are required to run the product. The vacuum has all the basic attachments. The roller of this tool can be removed for cleaning. This vacuum can also be used on hardwood floors as the adjustment knob of this tool allows the user to go to hard-to-reach surfaces quickly and easily. It is very simple to remove the container and install it again by merely pushing the button. It can trap pet or human hair. It will take up all the fur of the rug. The instructions about assembling the cleaner or using it are very simple and clear. The user needs to drive all the parts before using them. It has a long cord that enables us to plug in one room and take the machine in the other. You will be glad when you buy this product.


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