Eureka NEU182A Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Its lightweight design ensures easy maneuvering!

Eureka NEU182A Review 2023

Among the plethora of brands offering different kinds of vacuum cleaners with various impressing features at very different prices. But why would you like to pay for an overpriced product when you can easily can get same features under much lesser price. It could be a very difficult task to manage the house yourself without any help from inside or the outside, and if you’ve a job and kids then it gets next to impossible to be always able to keep it clean and tidy. Vacuum cleaners are electric gadgets which help for cleaning & generally also known as sweepers and hoovers and etc. You require a vacuum cleaner to become your best friend and aid you cleaning & tidying up your house without consuming much of your time & energy

A good, clean and organized home will not only make you feel better, but also be appreciated by your friends & guests. Because its not an easy job to get your house get in a straight line and manage it properly. There are various types & sizes for cleaning house, your car, draperies, sofa sets and much more. Moreover, there are also vacuum cleaners accessible to clean & wash the carpets and draperies. The vacuum cleaner runs very simply by sucking up all the dirt, dust and all the undesirable particles from the house quickly in no time. Mending the whole house by yourself is no easy task. Using a Vacuum cleaner is the most efficient and useful for cleaning properly in less time. In the market there are numbers of options available to choose from the plethora of choices given by different brands with impressing features. In today’s Eureka Neu182a Review article we are going see its features, specs, pros and cons without delaying it any further.


  • Lightweight Compact Design
  • Powerful Suction and Motor
  • Extra Large Dust Cup
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Five Height Settings
  • Washable Filters
  • Easy Assemblage
  • Performance Level

1. Lightweight Compact Design

The Eureka NEU182A Vacuum Cleaner has been very delicately structured and designed to provide its users the best vacuum cleaner with a sturdy but lightweight design, which can be easily moved around the house as you clean. A heavy vacuum cleaner could really make your job hard to push around the vacuum cleaner around the house making your already difficult task even more arduous. This Eureka NEU182A Powerspeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner will make your life easier with its all jumbo qualities in such a light weight compact design. Eureka NEU182A Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner can be smoothly moved around as you clean. It won’t much of your energy or time saving you a lot of time, which people hardly have in abundance these days. Even though the product is light weighted for the ease of the consumers, it has been made of quality material which will long last and makes the product quite durable and reliable.

2. Powerful Suction and Motor

Every good and quality vacuum cleaner would have a great powerful suction along with a strong motor to help it run. A vacuum cleaner is just a vacuum, if it doesn’t have a suction to suck in all the dirt, dust, and debris. But a powerful suction that takes in all kinds of debris and dust inside it at a faster rate makes it a quality vacuum cleaner. What is the point of having a vacuum cleaner with a good suction to create enough vacuum to suck in the air along with all the dust & dirt?! A powerful suction technology can make a vacuum cleaner a thousand times better and quality improved. The better and powerful the suction technology is, the better and faster cleaning can be done. So, keep in your mind to make sure to buy a vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor and suction technology just like in Eureka Neu182a Power speed Upright Vacuum cleaner.

3. Extra Large Dust Cup

Before the easy dust containers were introduced the old vacuum, cleaners used to have bags to store all the dust particles and debris. Whereas with advancement in technology those bags were quickly replaced by with the easy empty dust tanks and cups. They help to store a large amount of cleaning inside them and can be emptied & reused accordingly. Moreover, the Eureka Neu182a Power speed Upright Vacuum comes with an extra large cup of 4.1 Litres. The XL 4.1 litres cup will allow you to be able to clean more and worry about emptying it less. This feature will save a lot of your time and effort while you’re at cleaning by not obstacle as you clean and promote faster & better cleaning.

4. Economical and Easy to Use

As you step into the market you will find that there are hundreds and thousands of options available in the market offering you features one better and tempting than the another one. But you need to first decide what kind of vacuum cleaner with what features do you want to actually spend money on for buying, before you enter the market. With all the information at your hand you are much prone to make a wiser decision, without getting confused with all the tempting options at your disposal.

The Eureka Neu182a Power speed Upright Vacuum cleaner is the best product with all the amazing features at such a low price. It is the most economical product that would easily fit into your low or tight budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune buying a good vacuum cleaner, when you can clearly buy it at such an economical and reasonable price. The Eureka Neu182a Power speed Upright Vacuum is made from the perspective at all the people whether with low budget, or a tight budget are able to afford a good quality vacuum cleaner for their home. This product is easily accessible to anyone who tries to use it and make it convenient even for a new user to be able to make it smooth for them to operate it.

5. Five Height Settings

The Eureka NEU182A Powerspeed Upright Vacuum will come with another unique feature that will help you a lot in the longer run and allows anyone to easily use the Eureka Neu182a Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum cleaner without turning the house up side down. It makes easier to clean all kinds of floor and carpets without fretting about ruining it. You just from low to medium or the other way around to clean the piled carpet, pile rugs, shag rugs and hard floors very quick and easily. It will make cleaning easier and faster for you with quality cleaning.

6. Washable Filters

Most of the vacuum cleaners will require a lot of maintenance even after you spend a fortune buying them. They would require a new filter every now & then to be replaced with the new one. But not all of the require a new filter some products such as Eureka Neu182a Powerspeed Upright Vacuum Cleaner doesn’t require any maintenance or new filters, even after you have bought it. It has been given a very easily washable filters, which can be cleaned and then again placed back in their places and reused as new filters like they were never old. It won’t burn holes in your pocket.

7. Easy Assemblage

Eureka power speed Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes with an easy assemblage box which you just have to unbox and in under 5 minutes or even less you have the vacuum cleaner ready to be use and start cleaning. All the necessary and important tools and extensions are included in box and can be used according to the need and requirement of the person. All it will take for you to get ready to clean is just 5 tiny minutes get ready to clean and organize your house. If you face any technical glitch be sure to call their customer care helpline which will help you fix it.

8. Performance Level

Eureka Neu182a Power speed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum with an innovative design along with various impressing features to help the quality and overall performance of the product. Along with its powerful suction technology, which helps it run faster in sucking in all the dust and cleansing through all the layers of the dust. Not only that to that the innovative brush helps to clean even in the tight spaces reaching with its brush and powerful suction technology. You can clean all your floor, ceilings, walls and even carpets with its help. The unique brush design option further promotes better cleaning and dusting.



  • Manufacturer : Eureka
  • Product Model Number : NEU182A
  • Color : Blue
  • Voltage : 110 Volts
  • Wattage : 960 watts
  • Product Dimensions : 13.4 x 14 x 44.5 inches
  • Product Weight : 10 pounds
  • Warranty Description : 1 year limited manufacturer warranty



Eureka NEU182A Upright Vacuum Cleaner has 8 amps.


Eureka NEU180B Lightweight Powerful Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the best in Eureka Vacuum Cleaners in all aspects.


Eureka vacuum cleaners are manufactured at Medford, Massachusetts, U.S.


13.4 x 14 x 44.5 inches are the dimensions of the product.


Yes, the product will work great on all kinds of carpets and rugs to help to clean and provide with the best quality services it can


Eureka Powerspeed Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a product which is made for all the people out there. You have a low or tight budget, but you urgently need to buy a vacuum cleaner then this product is your choice. The Eureka NEU182A Power speed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes with all the necessary & innovative features in a very economical and reasonable price. Just to be on a safer side it is better to first research, review about and around the products you’re thinking to buy to be fully aware about the thing that you’re going to spend money on.

There is abundance of vacuum cleaners offered by different brands with various features at varying prices. But the Eureka Powerspeed Vacuum is the product which offers all these features at such a low and affordable rate for everyone to have a vacuum cleaner in their homes. You don’t have spend hours and a lot of energy in cleaning when you have a great vacuum cleaner at your hand. But mending & maintaining a home, keeping it clean and organized is no easy task.

The product comes with features such as powerful motor and suction technology, extra large dust cup, five height adjustment, washable filters, and quick & easy set up. You get all of this in just a minimal price, which I believe is a real steal with all these great features, quality and performance of the product. The product has been given a four point one star out of five on the Amazon by its happy users and buyers. Along with that it has been ranked 1st in Commercial Indoor Upright Vacuums, 3rd rank in Upright Vacuum Cleaners and 610 rank in Home & Kitchen.

Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner image

Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner For Sale: Eureka NEU182A Vacuum Cleaner is a product that you shouldn’t think twice before buying. The product is a real steal with such a low price and all the amazing features that it offers. The large dirt cup, the powerful suction, light weight and many other features makes it a quality product. It has been ranked 1st in upright vacuum cleaners. I would totally recommend for anyone who is really low on budget or otherwise to buy it without compromising on quality or anything in anyway. Now, hurry up and change your world with buying the Best Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner i.e. Eureka NEU182A Power speed Upright Vacuum Cleaner.


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