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Guide to use Upright Vacuum Cleaner

With this guide, you will get to know How to use an Upright Vacuum Cleaner. We all think that vacuuming is such a simple chore that everybody can do it. The reality is not all are confident of using an upright vacuum cleaner. With the array of attachments spread across your living, we have all struggled to find the right attachment for the right purpose. 

How to use an Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Even the best upright vacuums can leave behind dirt, dust, and debris if you don’t handle it properly. With this guide, you will be able to end that bitter relationship with your upright vacuum cleaner and embrace them to get your job done well each time and every time.

How to use an Upright Vacuum Cleaner image
How to use an Upright Vacuum Cleaner image

Upright Vacuum Cleaner User Guide

We have tried to detail some simple steps to follow while using your upright vacuum cleaner. Following these, you can use your vacuum cleaner in the right way it should be used, which will make your process easier and faster.

Choose the right setting

Many of us tend to keep the vacuum cleaner settings at the maximum for all surfaces. However, it is not really essential. It is important that you tend to use the right type of setting for the right type of floor. A carpet might need a slightly higher setting than a hardwood floor. It is ideal to determine the setting based on the height of the area you are cleaning.

Vacuum in both directions

It is good to use your upright vacuum cleaner in two directions. While vacuuming in one direction the floor is not completely free of dirt or debris. When you vacuum in both directions, say north and south or east and west, every tiny speck of dirt will be lifted from the ground.

Vacuum slowly

Vacuuming slowly will allow the machine to absorb more dirt and dust from the floor. When you vacuum slowly the brush gets the time to agitate the carpet and remove all the dust and debris from the floor carpet.

Safety precautions

It is always important to ensure all safety measures are taken while using an upright vacuum cleaner. It is essential to always unplug the vacuum cleaner when not in use. Most upright vacuum cleaners are suited only for indoor use. Don’t use them for outdoor purposes. Don’t clean toxic and flammable substances using an upright vacuum cleaner.

Tips to Use Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Here are some tips to minimize your effort and maximize your cleaning.

Minimize the dust

The lesser the dirt in your home, the easier it is to clean it. You can avoid dirt by laying mats at doorsteps and avoiding shoes inside your home. If you planning to dust your furniture, upholstery, curtains or other fabrics, first clean them and then vacuum your floor, so that all the dust from the furniture is picked up by your cleaner.

Schedule is important

It is essential that you create a vacuuming schedule for your home and stick to it. Most areas of your home will need a weekly cleaning routine, while high traffic areas will have to be cleaned more frequently. If you have pets, use a motorized brush tool type upright vacuum cleaner to remove all hairs.

Choosing the right accessories

There are different types of accessories that come with an upright vacuum cleaner. You should use them to clean the right area. A crevice tool with a skinny shape and the angled tip can be used in almost all surfaces where regular hoses won’t fit. It can be used to clean baseboards, under furniture, upholstery, in the tracks of sliding doors and all nooks and corners of your home.

A dusting brush with long, soft bristles can be used in dusting windows, books, pictures, lampshades and blinds. An upholstery wand, a small, flat-headed attachment with bristles; help remove dust, fur, and lint from sofas and fabrics. An extension wand can be used to reach higher areas like ceilings, fans, chandeliers, etc.

Deep clean

Occasionally try shampoo or steam cleaning of your carpets. Before you do so, try to remove as much dust using your upright vacuum cleaner from your carpet. When you deep clean, any plaques or fibers attached to the carpet can be peeled off. After this step, use your vacuum cleaner one more time to clean the furniture.

Replace the filters

Most people tend to clean the filters when full or clogged. In this case, it is difficult to clean your home, as a clogged filter might not remove debris well or in some cases, the vacuum cleaner itself might not work. So it is ideal to clean the filters when they are three-fourths full.

Remove small objects from the floor

Some people try to vacuum the floors when there are a lot of objects lying around on the carpet. While these objects might get stuck to your upright vacuum cleaner, it will also prevent the cleaning process to work efficiently. It is advisable to remove small objects and other obstacles from the floor before you begin your vacuuming process.

Cleaning area rugs

To prevent sprayed edges, it is better to clean the area rugs from the center of the rug out towards the perimeter. Some of the small rugs might be machine washable; if that’s the case do it once in a while. Take out the larger ones to your lawn and beat them down to remove the dust which escaped the upright vacuum cleaner.

Treat accidental spills immediately

If there are any spills in your carpet, spot treat them. Blot the spots with a clean cloth or paper towel. On top of it use a carpet stain remover if the stains are stubborn.

Maintain the upright vacuum cleaner

It is essential to clean and maintain your vacuum cleaner. Clean the filter and other accessories regularly. If it’s a bagless vacuum, remove the dirt cup and empty it in the garbage, when the cup is three-fourths full. Clean and replace the brushes as and when needed.

Easiest vacuum cleaner to use

  • Upright vacuum cleaners are very easy to use if you maintain them properly.
  • Check for any wear and tear especially, in the beater bar and belts; replace them at once.  
  • Check if the hoses are clear of any clogs or obstructions.
  • Always store the upright vacuum cleaner in a dry area and avoid watery surface.
  • Clean the attachments regularly.

No matter how good or bad your upright vacuum cleaner is, using some tips and tricks mentioned in this guide can help you make the best advantage of the vacuum and increase its shelf life. For more details, keep visiting

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