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Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Review 2020

Not willing to spend much money on a Vacuum Cleaner right now? No problem. You can still find a good one for a better price. That is Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Pound Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner. This best upright vacuum from Oreck is specially designed for commercial use, which means it is more than capable of deep cleaning the carpets and withstands the everyday wear and tear of vacuuming.

The automatic floor adjustment feature of 12″ Oreck commercial upright XL2100 Bagged Vacuum adjusts on its own while moving from carpets to surface floors. So, it provides a cleaning ability to extensive areas, not leaving any dirt path. If you want proof, then go through the updated review of the best lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Here one can also find the Oreck commercial compact vacuum review, features, specifications, pros, cons, best price, etc.

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner XL, Blue

If you are reading any review, you want to know the complete details of the product. I’m not going to hold back because this page will tell you everything about the best-rated vacuum cleaner. So, let’s root them all from the updated Oreck XL2100RHS Review. Since most of the Upright vacuum cleaners in the market weigh over and above 15 pounds, this Oreck XL2100RHS Commercial Upright weighs only 8 pounds, which gives it the advantage of lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Moreover, this is a factor that most of the customers consider before or while purchasing a vac. So, Oreck’s lightweight upright vacuum is especially important if you have a large house or have multiple stairs in the house.

We have based this Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum review on what we normally do, customer reviews, speaking to owners, first-hand experience, and some review sites to make sure that we isolate the best possible choice for you. So, after going through the Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Review, you’ll order one from the best online retailer, i.e., Amazon.com

Oreck XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Sale

Made in the USA, this best lightweight Upright Vacuum works great for cleaning large areas. The Oreck XL2100RHS Commercial Vacuum is a slimline upright vacuum that helps clean multiple floors of your house or office. The useful carrying handle, which is halfway down and its Helping hand Handle makes it very comfortable to maneuver around while vacuuming. The lengthy removable 35-foot power cord of this Oreck Vacuum Cleaner with Bag helps clean over larger areas. As the power cord is removable, we can replace it easily when damaged by normal wear and tear or any other reason.

This blue 8-pound vacuum from Oreck has a 12″ cleaning path width. In general, we can see the models with wider path nozzles, which helps large clean areas quickly and easily. But those with narrow nozzles will be easier to maneuver in tight spaces. Consider the size of your home or office. There is a bumper around the appliance’s sweeper, which brings it closer to 13 inches wide. With the clear, non-marring bumpers, we can protect our walls, baseboards, and furniture from damage while vacuuming. The suction power of this Oreck XL2100RHS Upright Vacuum is strong enough to get most debris with only one pass, and with limited maneuverability.

This Oreck XL2100RHS Blue Upright Cleaner is great for people looking for a deep cleaning machine that effectively cleans their carpets. Since the device deep cleans, it is a great tool to have when your home has wall to wall carpeting. It also comes with a one-year commercial warranty. With this, we can say Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS is the best upright vacuum under $200.

oreck commercial upright xl2100 FEATURES

As per Oreck vacuum cleaner reviews, this low profile design allows it to lay virtually flat, making it great for vacuuming underneath the furniture without causing any damage. The device helps us in moving around the edges easily, weighing just 8 pounds. The Oreck commercial xl2100rhs upright vacuum cleaner comes with an outer bag and a disposable paper filter dust bag, which is great if you are tired of dealing with disgusting dust cups and filters. But we have to replace the inner dust bag at least once a month even though it is not full.

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes with a direct power suction that handles not only the dust stored in carpets but also larger dirt particles from your carpet or the bare floors.

Additionally, the vac can remove tiny pet hairs that were stuck on the carpets or floors. The 12-inch wide brush roll is an essential component of the vacuum cleaner, improving its effectiveness and efficiency. It rotates at a speed of 6500 rpm for collecting the dust into the dust inlet suction. Operating at an input power of just 480 watts, this Oreck XL2100RHS XL Commercial Upright Vacuum is primary for reducing power consumption.

The Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs is the best companion for the households with wall to wall carpeting. As the motor runs at 6,500rpm, the device helps in deep cleaning each strand of your carpet. But when dealing with bare surfaces, this Oreck vacuum cleaner is not the best to use because the brush roll cannot be turned off. You can also not use the Oreck XL2100RHS 12″ Lightweight Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner for cleaning the upholstery. Hence this is strictly a floor cleaner.

The Oreck Commerical XL2100RHS uses disposable bags for collecting the dirt or dust. The 3 layers 630 cubic inches large capacity bag of this Oreck Commercial 2100RHS Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner has the Celoc hypoallergenic filtering system helps in deep filtering them. And, the unique saniseal bag-docking system makes changing the bag easy. The side edge brushes present in this Oreck XL2100RHS Commercial Upright Vacuum help clean corners and along baseboards efficiently.

This Oreck Bagged Upright Vacuum also comes with a great type of filtration system that will help cut down on the dust, mold, and other allergens that could curse your house and make you miserable. The vac features the XL Filter Knit filtration system (revolutionary style system) that gets large particles out of the air. With the low power sleek design, we can clean the surfaces under furniture or reach any tight spot. By simply turning the handle of ORECK XL High-Speed Upright sideways, the handle will lay flat. So, we can bend it over for better cleaning performance and reach the places under desk or furniture.

Having 8 qt. dust capacity, the Oreck XL2100RHS Blue Upright Cleaner makes it perfect for the home setting and the commercial setting. The bags are hypoallergenic, i.e., they prevent allergic reactions and handle the growth of bacteria or fungi with an antimicrobial agent’s help. Also, these bags are very cheap. You can purchase from the online retail store.

The helping and handle of the Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs 8 pound commercial Upright Vacuum, Blue, makes your vacuuming process easy and comfortable. This Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner virtually eliminates squeezing of your hand, bending/ twisting the wrist. With this unique feature, the Oreck Vacuum Cleaner also received the ease of use recognition from the Arthritis Foundation.

  • Automatic floor adjustment.
  • Self locking bags.
  • High-capacity disposable bags that can contain 11 quarts of dirt.
  • Hypoallergenic filtering.
  • Hand controls for easy access.
  • Removable 35-foot long cord.
  • Clear, non-marring bumpers and soft wheels.
  • Low profile vacuum head that can help you reach under furniture.
  • The 12-inch wide brush rotates at 6500 RPM for picking up debris, dirt, and pet hair from the surface.
  • The power switch is located on the handheld handle that allows for easy access and usage.
  • No scuff bumpers for preventing any damage to the furniture.

oreck xl 2100 SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
6 x 13 x 35 inches
Item Weight
8.2 pounds
Blue/ Iron
Cleaner Type
1-year warranty





Where can I buy an Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum near me?

You may buy Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum through amazon which has great deals and also door delivered.

What is the difference between an Oreck U2000rb1 and an Oreck XL2100rhs?

The main difference between Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum and Oreck U2000rb is that the former one is more efficiently compatible even with the tiled and bare floors.

How much power does the Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum need?

 Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum needs 45 watts of power.

How much do Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum cost?

Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum costs around $35.

How long does Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum last?

 Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum lasts for around 10 years, depending on the use.

Which Oreck is best for residential use?

Oreck commercial XL vacuum is good enough for residential use.

Can you use this Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum on hardwood floors?

Yes, Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum can be used on hardwood floors.

Bottom Line

The Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS is the best upright vacuum for larger areas. But the device has no swivel head, which means this vacuum is only great for the surfaces that do not require a lot of maneuvering. Since it is affordable, this is a great deal for those looking for an affordable deep cleaning machine. See you again in other best Upright Vacuum cleaner reviews.

Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum XL2100RHS is the right choice for the one who wants to clean their low pile carpets more effectively. There is no need for any manual settings while cleaning carpets. Overall, it is a powerful and best upright vacuum that suits well for commercial areas.

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