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Compare Difference Between Shark Navigator ZU561 and ZU62

How could we ever imagine our lives without vacuum cleaners? Cleaning corners and under bed and table areas used to be an intimidating task. That would literally take us hours to finish brooming. Getting the whole job done so efficiently in no more than ten minutes feels like heaven. Probably, the favorite electronic device we have in our houses. The interminable benefits of vacuum are astounding, from cleaning accurately in less time, saving our efforts and energy for other errands, getting rid of pet hair and allergens in the air to cleaning houses even when we are away with robotic vacuum cleaners. How would we know which is the best vacuum cleaner for our house? Which model to choose? Well, there are many but for now, let us compare Shark ZU561 Vs ZU62, one of the best vacuum cleaners available.

Shark ZU561 Vs ZU62 Upright Vacuum Comparison Table

Shark ZU561 Navigator Upright Vacuum imageShark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M Self Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro Upright Vacuum image
Basics of ComparisonShark ZU561 Navigator Lift Away Lightweight Upright VacuumShark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M Pet Pro Upright Vacuum
Dimensions12 x 9.5 x 45.6 Inches9.84 x 11.97 x 45.28 Inches
Weight17.41 Pounds20.5 Pounds
Motor Power800 watts1150 watts
Power Cord Length25 Feet25 Feet
Dust Pan Capacity 0.9 quarts2.8 quarts (3XL)
Self-Cleaning BrushrollYesno
Hose Length6.6 Feet extended reach12 Foot extended reach
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal + a HEPA FilterYesYes
Surface RecommendationCarpetStairs, Carpet, Bare floor
Warranty5 Years limited warranty5 Years limited warranty
Check PriceCheck Price

Which is Best Shark Navigator ZU561 or Shark Navigator Zero-M ZU62?


Shark self cleaning brush roll lightweight vacuums ZU561 and ZU62 are more or less designed the same way except for a few differences. Both of these models have a Zero-M technology for making the cleaning brush automated and self-cleaning. Their cleaning brush has bristles which continuously rolls on the floor and captures even the tiniest specs and dust particles. Shark ZU561 comes in Red peony color and shark ZU62 in pewter grey metallic.

Vacuum Wieght

Shark ZU561 weighs around 17.41 pounds and ZU62 weighs 20.5 pounds. This makes ZU561 slightly better than shark ZU62. As zu562 is lighter than zu62, it can easily be moved from one room to another for better portability and cleaning purposes. Portability is one of the basic and fundamental features that most users look for while getting a vacuum cleaner.

Anti-Allergen HEPA filter

Shark ZU562 and ZU62 both come with the best filtering technology. These Pet vacuum cleaners have an Anti-Allergen Complete seal with an outstanding HEPA filter which traps every allergen and dust particle inside of the trash bag once they have entered the vacuum cleaner. You will quickly notice the air inside the house would feel so much fresher. Also, it has been proven helpful for people with breathing difficulties and problems.

Lift-Away Technology

Unfortunately, the lift-away technology is only available in shark ZU561 vacuum cleaner and not ZU62. In addition to being slightly less heavy, ZU561 has a super convenient and user-friendly handle for lifting it while transporting it to any other place. The handle has been designed by experts for an efficient and effective grip on the vacuum cleaner making portability exceptionally easy.


Shark ZU62 lift-away upright vacuum has a slightly more powerful motor than shark ZU561. The power wattage of ZU62 is 1150 watts and that of ZU561 is 800 watts. Some users claim this to make a marked difference but some feel it’s not even that noticeable. It should also be taken into consideration here, no doubt with greater wattage comes a greater force of vacuuming but also its usage costs more and increases your electricity charges.


Both shark ZU561 and ZU62 have been manufactured with very refined and superior quality materials. The outer bodies are mostly constructed from high quality plastic for keeping it lightweight and portable. There have been negligible complaints about any issues concerning the durability of both these vacuum cleaners. They are very durable, strong, and constructed for heavy duty long term usage.

Source of Power

Shark ZU561 and ZU62 both have a twenty five feet long power cord. With this length of the power cord, you can easily reach out to any and every corner of the house. It is more than sufficient. You will not need to disconnect and reconnect the vacuum plug time and again for cleaning different spots and areas.

Anti-Wrap Technology

Both shark ZU62 and ZU561 have a brilliant feature of Anti wrap technology. This feature ensures that long hair and similar stuff do not get stuck on the cleaner brush bristles. Instead, the anti wrap technology ensures they are moved to the vacuum bag.

Cost Effectiveness

To be honest, we think both values for the money. Although, ZU62 is slightly more expensive than ZU561. But, it is still worth every penny spent due to the extra features included in this vacuum cleaner.


Most of the shark vacuum cleaners come with fairly decent warranty services. Shark ZU561 and ZU62 come with a five year shark warranty. Free servicing of the vacuum cleaners is also provided by the manufacturer. These will include services including repair of damaged parts or vacuum cleaner body.


Our team believes that both, Shark ZU561 and Shark ZU62 are extremely good buys. Both have their own perks and extra benefits. These Shark upright vacuums will serve the purpose as they did not disappoint us while our team was reviewing both the vacuum cleaners. We have given our final verdict on Shark ZU561 Vs ZU62, it is now for you to decide which is a better option for you.

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