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Difference between Upright and Barrel Vacuum Cleaners

Are you about to purchase vacuum cleaner and unable to decide which one is the best vacuum cleaner? It is natural because there are many different vacuum cleaners available which are better suited to different lifestyles, individual preferences, and cleaning needs. To help you choose the required one, here are giving a guide on Upright vs Barrel Vacuum Cleaners.

Upright vs Barrel Vacuum Cleaners

Below are some of the pros and cons of the barrel vacuum cleaner and upright vacuum cleaner which helps you in taking the decision about which vacuum to purchase.

Upright vs Barrel Vacuum Cleaners image
Upright vs Barrel Vacuum Cleaners image

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright Vacuum Cleaner consists of a long handle and a bag which is attached to the cleaning head in an upright configuration. They remove dust and dirt with the help of rotating brushes. That is beaters or roll that will sweep and vibrate the dust from the floor before sucking up to into the unit. Upright Vacuum cleaners have motor situated in the body of the unit. So it is not necessary to pull the barrel behind you.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner Pros

  • Some people find that upright vacuum cleaners are easy to use. Because you can push them in front of you rather than towing the upright vacuum around and behind you.
  • The brushes of upright vacuum cleaners cover the large areas than barrel vacuum head. This enables you to cover the more ground with every motion.
  • Since the upright vacuums are adjustable to the different heights, they are suitable in cleaning different varieties of Carpets including the delicate pile.
  • Most of the upright models have the accessories stored on board of the unit like dusting brushes and crevice tools.
  • Some of the uprights can be used on hard floors by changing the settings.
  • It is not necessary to bend your back unless you use the hose attachment.
  • The transition between carpet and bare floors are easily controlled with the help of your foot.
  • They use moisturized brushes do they are very efficient in cleaning rugs and carpets.
  • They generally have a wider cleaning path.


  • They have weaker suction power compared to a barrel vacuum cleaner.
  • Upright Vacuum Cleaners are balkier than barrel vacuum cleaner so they require more space for storage.
  • If you are living in two stairs building or your home is having a lot of stairs then it is difficult to carry this heavy unit up and down the stairs. Even you find difficult in cleaning the stairs with upright vacuums large cleaning head.
  • Upright vacuums are tending to have more suitable for Carpets. Only some models have the feature of setting to clean the hard floors.
  • They are not much effective in cleaning places like corners or hard to reach areas even though now some of the models are equipped with a small hose for the purpose of cleaning such areas.

Barrel Vacuum Cleaner

Barrel Vacuum Cleaner is light and has a compact wheel. Mounted bodies consist of a motor and the dust collection unit that is which connected to the long, flexible hose with a cleaner head. A barrel vacuum cleaner is sometimes called as canister or cylinder vacuum which are used for big household cleans. As you clean, the main motor unit will be pulled behind you.

Barrel vacuum pros

  • Barrel Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight and compact which makes them more portable than an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • This Barrel Vacuum Cleaner is versatile. That is, in order to do a particular test you can attach different heads including the mechanical beaters similar to those which are used in upright vacuums.
  • Barrel vacuum cleaners have more suction power so they offer better clean.
  • Barrel vacuums glide smoothly over the hard floors that it cleans without any scratches on the floor.
  • They have flexible cleaning heads. So they are ideal for handling the confined and hard to reach areas like the top of the shelves, under the bed, and cradle stairs or cars interior.
  • They have more attachments than upright vacuums for more cleaning.
  • In order to increase the cleaning power, they can be used with a power head or turbo head.
  • They can be used on hard floors, Carpets, stairs, and any other surfaces.


  • Accessories such as rods, brushes, and hoses are difficult to be stored since they are not attached to the unit itself.
  • You need to change the various cleaning tools manually according to your requirement.
  • These vacuums are generally not effective in cleaning the stubborn pet hair from carpet like rotating the moisturized head of upright vacuum cleaner.
  • In some extreme cases, they are heavy and cumbersome.
  • It is up to an individual which type of vacuum they prefer according to their needs. You can even take a test drive of a few different vacuum cleaners to observe how easy and effective they are to you.

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