What you can clean with Upright Vacuum Cleaner image

What we can clean with Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuums nowadays come with all sizes and shapes where all of them are packed with a variety of features so you can find out which one suits your requirements. Upright Vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular choices among the various types due to its ease of use and versatility. So, What you can clean with Upright Vacuum Cleaner? That’s what we are going to see here.

What you can clean with Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Upright vacuums are often the most popular choice because they are easy to use, control and store away which are pretty enough and effective in cleaning the carpeted areas at home and the brush bar that removes the dirt and dust from the hard to reach areas. Upright vacuums are the most powerful vacuums available in the market offer excellent cleaning strength and more versatility because you can use various tools and attachments with their hose. In this article, we will come to know how to use Upright Vacuum cleaner for pet hairs, upright vacuum cleaner for tiles, upright vacuum cleaners for Carpets and upright vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

What you can clean with Upright Vacuum Cleaner image
What you can clean with Upright Vacuum Cleaner image

Usage of upright vacuum cleaners in cleaning different stains on different things:

Upright Vacuum cleaners for Carpets are one of the best choices in really getting there and deep cleaning the dirt, microbes, and dust that go into the Carpets. Most of the upright models come with roller brush located in the vacuum head which is ideal for giving the deep clean for all the types of Carpets. You can even turn off this feature while cleaning the tile, wood and hard floors on order to prevent from being scratched or else it will get damaged.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Pet hair

Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Pet hair image

Pet hair, fur, dander, feathers, and skin are the constant sources of dirt, dust, and allergens and is a challenge to clean. To clean your home most effectively, you need super strong suction to clean the pet’s shedding. In choosing the vacuum cleaner you require to choose the features and the amount of power suction vs. weight of machine and ease of use.

If you are having a lot of deep pile rugs or carpet then you need a vacuum that has more powerful suction than having uncarpeted floors. If you have a lot of furniture or a lot of stairs then focus on maneuverability and how flexible and easy the machine will be for you to use at your home. And if you need the latest development in the pet vacuums then make sure that you will check out the all in one Bissell Microwave pet pro.

Below are some of the best upright vacuum cleaners for pet hair:

Shark powered Rotator professional lift away Tru-pet (NV752) vacuum cleaner image

Shark powered Rotator professional lift away Tru-pet (NV752) vacuum cleaner

Shark powered Rotator professional lift-away Tru-pet is the best device for pet owners, which has a good balance of power and convenience. It has wonderful design and can easily clean the whole house. You can use this vacuum in 3 ways that are as a canister vacuum cleaner, upright vacuum cleaner and if you want the flexibility of simple hose then add the detachable wand to hose in order to reach the difficult areas and clean the spots easily. This vacuum has great suction power which picks up every bit of per hairs, dirt, and dust from the carpet. Upright vacuum cleaner for carpets is the best option in removing the dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair.

Shark powered Rotator lift-away professional (NV356E) vacuum cleaners image

Shark powered Rotator lift-away professional (NV356E) vacuum cleaners

It has similar features to Tru-pet but is on a more modest scale. It has a pet power brush that inhales the pet hair on stairs and furniture and also removes pet dander from surfaces.



Dyson Ball 2 animal upright vacuum cleaner image

Dyson Ball 2 animal upright vacuum cleaner

This vacuum has kinetic cyclone technology so it is best suitable for families with a pet because as you use the vacuum, it pulls the airborne particles like dust and danders into the vacuum such that these particles are not released into the air.

This upright vacuum has a self-adjustable cleaning head which helps the vacuum to roll from the carpet to wood smoothly and effectively without losing the suction.


Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Tiles

Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Tiles image

You have to select the vacuum cleaner depending on the type of tile at your home and may or may not need much power as carpet. There are different types of tiles available which include marble, faux wood, ceramic, porcelain, slate, quarry, and natural stone. And different type has different cleaning requirements.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner for tiles works best and have enough that you need to bend down to clean the dust and you need some attachments to reach the areas around the refrigerator and table where the main vacuum cleaning head is not able to reach.

The shark Duo Clean Powdered lift away is the most versatile upright vacuum cleaner available with lift-away system and interchangeable tools. This has a good option that is Duo Clean feature which combines bristle brush and soft roller. This shark Duo is the best performing uprights on bare floors and on Carpets with designing cleaning heads.


Upright Vacuum Cleaner on Hardwood Floors

Upright Vacuum Cleaner on Hardwood Floors image

When it comes to making a decision about vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors then you should be careful about what type to choose.

There are wide varieties of vacuums are available in the market today, so pay attention to which type of vacuum you need for your hardwood floor.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner can stand on their own when they are not used. When you are pushing this type of machine then you will be pushing the complete weight of appliance around as is a single solid piece. Upright vacuums have more suction power than other different styles. Many of the models have separate handheld attachments to give greater versatility. You will get the filtration done depending on the type that is you have hardwood floors then there are only some upright vacuums that will do well to satisfy your needs because they use harsh bristles on beater brushes located on the main vacuum head, these brushes will scratch on wood floors.

Your wood floors may be made of softer, harder, coated wood or more delicate wood. But whatever the case you need to be sure that the vacuum will work with the needs of your floor. Especially if scratching is the big issue on your floor then you require a vacuum with more rubberized bottom and padding areas. This will help to prevent the floor from scratching or any other damage. Additionally, if your floor has deep grooves then look for the model that has high suction power in order to make sure that these grooves are cleaned properly, each time when you run the device on them.

Features to look while cleaning the hardwood floors

  • Versatile attachment: Hardwood floor need a different variety of attachments if you want your home to get the cleanest possible.
  • Low medium suction power: Only a few hardwood floors need strong suction power, but in most of the cases the strong suction is needed for Carpets and is unnecessary for hardwood floors. If you have floors with deep lines and grooves, natural and untreated hardwood floors then it may be better to prefer stronger suction vacuum.
  • Padding: The plastic body of the vacuum cleaner can do a lot of damage to your hardwood floor as it pushed and dragged around the home. So it is better to get the machine that is designed for hardwood floors. These vacuums usually have rubberized or padding at the bottom and sides of the vacuum body. Wheels also need to be rubberized as they will in contact with the floor.
  • Lightweight: Weight has become a big issue in cleaning the entire home. So it is better to opt the lightweight machine if possible because to avoid the damages caused while falls, bumps or even normal dragging.
  • Long extension hoses: Make sure that you choose the vacuum with long extension hose to reach the areas that are difficult to clean and in order to avoid the stress on your back and allow you to clean more efficiently and effectively.

Upright vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors requires all the above features to make the cleaning on hardwood floors very effectively without any scratches or damages. To get more useful information on Upright Vacuum, keep in touch with our portal.

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