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Benefits of Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Why to buy this Upright Vacuum?

One look at the online marketplace and you are stumped at the array of vacuum cleaners available to choose. You might simply go with the latest and most popular model, but are they really among the real customers’ favorite is a million dollar question. With the advent of digital marketing, it is very difficult to pursue the difference between genuine and fake reviews. Now, let’s find an answer to the question, Why buy an Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Why buy an Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

This guide aims to help you with choosing the right vacuum cleaner by analyzing the pros and cons of the different types available in the market.

Why buy an Upright Vacuum Cleaner image
Why buy an Upright Vacuum Cleaner image

We have tried to put together some major factors that should influence your decision. Whether you have already thought of some points or just started exploring, this handy checklist will help you navigate the process.

  • Flooring types

The most obvious things to consider are whether you mainly have carpets or hardwood or a combination of both.

  • Allergies to consider

If you have someone in your home who suffers from asthma or any other allergies, you need to check for appropriate filters.

  • Vacuuming frequency

The frequency of vacuuming can be impacted by the ease or difficulty of storing and accessing your vacuum.

  • Number of levels in your home

If you many stairs and multiple floors in your home, you should consider the weight of your vacuum. The vacuum cleaner should be easy to lift and maneuver.

  • Additional surfaces to clean

If you will be vacuuming upholstery and other fabrics on a regular basis, you should consider a vacuum with the required accessories.

  • Noise and Maintenance

The level of noise that can be tolerated is totally dependent on the individual who will be using it. Another factor to consider is the cost of maintenance required.

Benefits of an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Most of our homes have a lot of carpeting, especially in large areas. An upright vacuum cleaner would be the ideal choice to deep clean carpets. An upright vacuum also works well with hardwood floors or area rugs. Finding a vacuum with certain features like motorized brush roll, height adjustment, and suction control can help in easy maneuvering around scattered carpets also.

If you or someone in your home have allergies or asthma, it is better to go for an upright vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. This type of filter can capture particles of size as small as 0.3 microns and thereby exhausting cleaner air.

Upright vacuums are usually lighter in weight and are highly suitable for people who need regular cleaning of their homes. Even when your home has multiple levels or staircases, an upright vacuum cleaner can be easily lifted and moved to the next level. Upright vacuum cleaners also come in cordless versions making the job much easier.

Upright vacuums come with a wide array of tools such as a crevice tool, brush, upholstery wand, etc. If you have pets, you can also opt for a motorized brush to clean out the hair on the floor and fabrics. Additionally, extension wands, flexible wands, and extension cords are available to make your cleaning chore a breeze.

Upright vacuum cleaners are usually less noisy than their canister or other cousins. They are usually very low on maintenance both cost-wise and effort-wise. If you go for a bagless vacuum, you can also save the cost of dirtbags.

Advantages of an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • Great for large areas: Upright vacuum cleaners are easy to use in hallways or other large areas since they can get the job done quickly and easily.
  • Less chance of tripping: Since the cleaner will be in front you, the cords can be held in hand and you can avoid tripping over them.
  • Larger dirtbags: Bagged upright vacuum cleaners have larger dirt collection bags and hence it is not required to change the bag often.
  • Included attachments: Most upright vacuum cleaners come with a variety of attachments out of the box and hence a lot of savings economically.

How to Choose an Upright Vacuum?

How to Choose an Upright Vacuum image
How to Choose an Upright Vacuum image

Upright vacuums are best for cleaning homes with carpets as the brush combs through the carpet and lift the dirt. It is also ideal for people dealing with back pain as they are easily maneuverable. They have larger dirt storage, so you don’t need to empty the bin quite often and are good with removing pet hair also.

There are different types of upright vacuum cleaners available in the market. Let us look at the categories and their advantages.

Bagged vs. Bagless

Most present-day upright vacuum cleaners are bagless versions. It is easier to clean and replace the dirt bin than replacing a new bag. However, bagged versions tend to have larger dirt storage capacity when compared to bagless versions.

Some bagged vacuum cleaners have the option to seal the bags thus containing the dust within. Some of them also have cyclone technology that can remove bacteria and allergens from airflow and trap the dirt in a chamber. This model is ideal for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Bagless upright vacuums are cost-effective and environment-friendly as you don’t have to spend on replacement bags and there will be less landfill to add in the form of vacuum dirtbags.

When you have pets…

Pet hair is very difficult especially from carpets and upholstery fabrics. They might also leave some odors around the house. In this case, it is important to choose upright vacuum cleaners that are pet models. This type is specifically designed to lift hair and fur from the floor and upholstery.


Most upright vacuum cleaner models are designed ergonomically for easy maneuverability. They usually come in lightweight models and can be easily lifted to upper levels of your home. Additionally, usage of some special tools can help you clean the staircases.

At the End of the Day

We had done deep dive into the nuances of choosing the right model of upright vacuum cleaners for your home, through this guide. It is necessary to identify the best model that would suit you after combing through the requirements and budget. The next step would be to read all the customer reviews and consumer boards to understand to determine if ‘what you see is what you get’! To know more about Why Buy an Upright Vacuum Cleaner, keep visiting www.bestuprightvacuum.reviews.

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